This is a repository for graded research positions. By using a previously graded PD, hiring managers can  proceed to ATF and avoid the step of review by grading committee. Once a hiring manager chooses a suitable PD from this repository, the PD number must be recorded in the ATF form and submitted to Business Manager.

1. Please pay close attention to position classification as the unique position number is assigned to only one classification (e.g. Health manager/ Nurse/ Physiotherapist/ Specialist etc.). It is not possible to utilize one discipline PDs to hire staffs in other discipline category (e.g., Health Manager PD cannot be used for recruitment of Nurse).

2. Please note, you can make only minimal changes to the chosen PD (e.g., name of department) during recruitment.  If you need to make substantial change to the existing PD- fill in a template for new PD (Available via Human Resources/  Research Workforce webpage) for the position and submit for review by grading committee.

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