Opening statement/Guide:

Complete when you perform an in-theatre advanced airway intervention.

Complete when airway management is performed in-theatre, including patients transferred to OT for management.

Inclusion Criteria:

Advanced Airway Intervention Definition:

  • Any awake technique.
  • Any asleep technique beyond Video-laryngoscope D-blade with introducer (Intubating LMA, Asleep FOI, combination asleep FOI/video laryngoscope, FONA, ECMO, Ketamine FOI, other)
  • Advanced techniques used for education

All in-theatre advanced airway interventions included.

Includes remote anaesthesia sites (endoscopy, radiology, cath lab, etc).

Exclusion Criteria:

Do not include out-of-theatre emergency airway management. Please complete the out-of-theatre audit form for these cases.


  • Airway education.
  • Elective case, known difficult airway who is managed with an AFOI
  • Acute c-spine injury managed with a combined CMAC and FOI technique.
  • ENT, head and neck surgery cases with stable abnormal airway anatomy managed with an AFOI.
  • Spontaneously breathing asleep techniques including Ketamine FOI and propofol based(strive-hi).

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