Opening statement/Guide

Complete when you receive an out-of-theatre, EMERGENCY airway referral.

Complete when the management is completed out-of-theatre.

Inclusion Criteria :

  • Referrals requesting EMERGENCY airway expertise
  • Patients referred for an emergency airway assessment regardless of the planned intervention.
  • Include cases you supervise
  • Tracheostomy emergency referrals.
  • Difficult extubations.
  • Airway Exchange in ICU

Exclusion Criteria:

  • Exclusive in-theatre airway planning, preparation and management.
  • Elective cases.


  • A referral from ICU post failed extubation.
  • A tracheostomy emergency in ICU.
  • An acutely obstructed airway in ED.
  • A post-thyroidectomy bleed airway assessment.
  • Airway exchange in ICU
  • Any case you supervise intubation in ED

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